Get Enough K2 or t Activator X When Eating a Vegetarian Diet

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Vitamin K2 is not as well known as K1. K1 is found predominantly in green leafy vegetables and is responsible for blood clotting health. K2 contributes to blood clotting health as well, but does many additional things. K2 plays a huge role in calcium distribution in the body. Adequate supplies of this important vitamin keep your teeth healthy and cavity free, your bones strong, and your arteries free of calcification. It works in conjunction with vitamins A and D, so it is good to make sure you are getting enough of those vitamins as well. Vegetarians are at an advantage over vegans when it comes to getting enough of this particular vitamin, as there are many vegetarian sources of it.

Butter A Good Source of K2

Butter is a really good source of vitamin K2. But not just any butter! It has to be pasture butter, which is made from cows who graze outside on sweet green grass, usually in the warmer months. Milk from grain fed cows simply do not have very much K2, and as a result the butter does not either.

Even though we are used to being told that butter is not good for us, that is simply not true when it comes to pasture butter. Anything in excess may not be good, but eating pasture butter everyday can contribute to good health and help you to avoid vitamin deficiencies. Pasture butter contains beneficial fatty acids, as well as various vitamins (such as A and D), and actually helps the body utilize minerals.

Vitamin K2 Found in Cheese

This often missing X Factor is also found in cheese. Most kinds of cheese contain levels of K2 as a result of the fermenting process that they undergo. Curd cheeses are said to be the highest source, according to Dr. Mercola.

When choosing a cheese, you should make sure that the package says organic or hormone free. This will ensure that you will not be consuming any hormones in the cheese that could interfere with your own body chemistry. Also, check the ingredients if you want to make sure it was not made with animal rennet. Many cheeses, especially in health food stores, will state if they are made with microbial rennet (vegetarian friendly).

Raw Milk also Extremely Good Source of K2

Dentist and author Weston Price, noticed that those who drank raw milk had very healthy teeth. The best kind of milk to drink would be raw milk from cows allowed to graze naturally. To find raw milk locally, talk to farmers about purchasing it this way- or search for it online.

Natto- A Vegan Fermented Source of K2

Natto is a Japanese dish consisting of soybeans fermented with friendly bacteria. The result of this process is soybeans in a stringy cheese like substance. Many people who aren’t used to eating it may be shocked at its appearance and texture at first. However, if you can get around those obsitcles, you can enjoy eating something that is extremely high in vitamin K2.

It is worth noting, however, that the type of K2 found in natto is a bit different from that found in animal derived products, such as milk, butter, and cheese- and doesn’t perform all of the functions of the former. Natto can be found in some health food stores, Asian stores, or you can buy the starter online to make your own natto at home.