What Can Vegetarians Eat When They Are Away From Home?

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Depending on the places or countries, it can be a challenge to find vegetarian or vegan dishes away from home. But vegetarian options are getting better. Here are a few tips for vegetarians who are away from home.

How to Eat Vegetarian on the Road

When traveling by car, bring some vegetarian food. Keep fresh fruits, vegetables, hummus or peanut butter sandwiches in a cooler. Bring plenty of vegetarian snacks such as mixed nuts, cereal bars and dried fruits.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants

McDonald’s offers some salad dishes. Hard Rock Café, Denny’s Chili’s, Red Robin, and Burger King all sell veggie burgers on their menu. Taco Bell offers affordable veggie fare, such as bean burritos and vegan crunch wrap supremes. Subway and Quizno’s have some vegetarian subs and meals. Do some research on vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

Ask the Chef in Restaurants

If there are no vegetarian dishes on the menu, ask the chef if he can make a vegetarian dish. Quite often it is not a big deal for the chef and most restaurants will happily offer vegetarian or vegan dishes.

Ethnic Food For Traveling Vegetarians

It is a great opportunity to learn and enjoy international dishes when vegetarians are away from home – whether in the U.S. or in foreign countries. Explore meals from different nationalities such as Indian (vegetable curries, lentil soup, chana masala, aloo gobi, dal, veggie samosas), Chinese (bean curd, vegetable stir fried dishes, vegetable fried rice, garlic eggplant), Mexican (bean burritos, tacos, tamales, tortillas, salsa, and guacamole), Mediterranean (hummas, falafel, baba ganoush, mujadara, stuffed grape leaves, tabouli), Japanese (vegetable sushi, pickled vegetables, edamame, miso soup), Ethiopian (lentils, collard greens, yellow split peas, injera), and so on.

Attending a Party

When attending a catered affair, ask the caterer or host ahead of time if vegetarian options will be served. Catering companies are often accustomed to serving vegetarians.

When a vegetarian is invited to a meal at someone else’s house, make sure the host knows beforehand that the guest is a vegetarian. Talk with the host about food arrangement. It can be very rude to the host to bring some vegetarian dishes without telling.

When going to a barbecue, ask the host if he is serving vegetarian food and talk about food arrangement. Vegetarians can enjoy barbecue as there are so many mock meat options such as vegetarian burgers, hot dogs, riblets, chicken patties and sausages.